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Event Date: Sunday June 2, 4 - 6 pm
Purchase tickets here or at the door

La Bella Musica is made up of local residents, who came together in 2014 to celebrate their love of classic Italian music.  The group specializes in familiar tunes, dating back to the turn of the century, when immigrants brought their istuments and traditions across the Atlantic from Italy.  La Bella Musica also offers audiences a selection of well-known music used in films and Italian songs popularized by a variety of singers and musicians.

The group is headed up by Franco Digangi, a well-known barber in Caldwell for many years and a native of Italy, on mandolin and percussion.  Franco excels at Neapolitan style and has performed in numerous venues to enthusiastic audiences.

Mark Sample and Beverly Shimada also play mandolin in La Bella Musica, providing lovely harmonies and intricate melodies. Gail Sample accompanies the sextet on flute, adding bright contrast. Ben Larkey contributes wonderful, distinctive rhythms on his guitar.  He's also a composer, arranger and multi-instrument musician. Ed Hanrahan, who plays mandolin and guitar, rounds out the group, on the electric bass.

Approaching their 10-year anniversary, La Bella Musica is proud to share the rich tradition of Italian music. The group hopes to play a part in keeping these melodies alive in tribute to the contributions of the brave immigrants who first brought their tarantellas, mazurkas, polkas and love songs to America so long ago. 

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