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Carla Truncellito Mastropierro has recently stepped down from her position of Executive Director of the Italian Education & Cultural Center (IECC) at Casa Colombo, Jersey City. 

She has held that position since 1989, in the capacity of Social worker for the Italian elderly community and at the same time as regional coordinator of ACLI, Italian agency for the processing of Italian pensions.  In 2000, inspired by her work experiences with Italian immigrants and desire to celebrate and preserve their memories, Carla founded the "Museo dell'Emigrazione Italiana."

In 2010, due to gentrification of the area and influx of artists, Carla added to Museo Emigrazione Italiana the component of Art and Cultural programming.  She oversighted with the collaboration of others, in particular with Artists from Italy, the renovations of Casa Colombo with the creation of the Art Gallery which hosts to this day a myriad of cultural events and art exhibits.  

Carla's love for the history of Italian immigrants is well exhibited and documented in the Italian Heritage Gallery where, as for her wishes, their memories will be kept alive forever.  Carla's other accomplishments during her tenure as IECC Executive Director, can be found on the website, particularly on the media tab.

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