Past Events

Preservation Initiative Award

May 31, 2018
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Carnevale Italiano

Annual Fundraiser


Robinson Holloway, Olga Levina,

Robert D'Anton, & Our Esteemed Chairman Dr. Lou Iozzi

March 3, 2019
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The Teaching Piano



Mayra Wroblewska, Jakub Radon,

Abby Trzepia, Natalia Arruda, 

Laura Ahumada

April 7, 2019
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Whistler's Venice

Jim Fisher
March 2019

The artist Jim Fischer reproduced, using original materials, all 60 of Whistler's pastels 

Sinatra Legend

Richard Muti

Mr. Muti discussed his most recent book Cent' Anni:  The Sinatra Legend at 100. 

November 12, 2017

Wine Tasting

Tony Verdoni
September 17, 2017

Back by popular demand...Wine tasting with expert Tony Verdoni, Co-host of the TV show Eat, Drink, Italy. Wine tasting of various wine selection and commentary analysis.

Cooking with Nonna

Rosella Rago
October 15, 2017

Rosella Rago author of Cooking with Nonna, a book full of recipes of the old Italian tradition.

The Artist Book

Danila Ghigliano & Silvia Beccaria

Art exhibit by Artist from Torino, Italy. "The Artist Book: from the Literature to the Visual Language".

October 1 - November 1 2017

Italian Folk Art

Throughout 3 Generations
Curator & Artist Andrea Cassar 
August 5, - September 21, 2017

Artist Andrea Cassar exhibits his art works together with that of his Grandfathers and mother. A collection of Italian folk art that dates from 1965 to present day.

Meet the Curators

Curators Choice

Curators choice an exhibition of artist selected from Meet the Curators.

June 17 - July 9, 2017