Lisa Collodoro

Lisa Collodoro
Assistant Director of IECC

Born in Gela, Sicily, Lisa Collodoro immigrated to the United States in 1964. She began to paint in 2002 after taking a class in color theory at Parson's School of Design in New York City. The act of applying paint to a blank canvas and watching it turn into something was transformational for her. She watched the canvas become the physical expression of her subconscious mind.


In 2005, three magical things happened which provide inspiration for many years to come. First, a trip to Tahiti to view the Total Solar Eclipse of the sun. Second, visiting Paul Gaugin's grave, and lastly the ability to see energy particles swirling all around her while relaxing by the ocean. How could she teach others to see it? How could that be conveyed in her paintings?

She realized that she had been starting off into the distance when she became aware of the movement in front go her line of vision. Little movements, darting here and there, like flickering lights. She focused her gaze to the forefront and saw dancing white particles moving in spirals. This experience became the basis for  most of her work, a way to train the eyes to see the magic that's right in front of us.


While reading The Book of Symbols by Taschen, she saw an image that reminded her of her paintings. It was the Cosmic egg from a manuscript of Bhagvata-Purama, painting on paper, ca 1730 C.E., Punjab, India. The description that followed beautifully describes her work...


The contrast between the dynamic and the stable reflects the natural and symbolic relationship of sperm and egg, water and sun, perceived world and perceiving eye, primordial fluidity and centered form.


Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited in solo and group shows in New York and New Jersey, including the Guggenheim Gallery, Andre Zarre Gallery, OC Concepts, Mercedes Club in New York, City Hall, CACC, Harborisde Atrium in New Jersey. Her Paintings can be found in private collections in the Untied States, Italy, Fiji and Prague.

She currently lives and paints in Guttenberg, NJ.