Andreá G. Cassar

Povera nonna
Il Carretto Siciliano
La Musicista del Corso
Shepherd and his sheep
Lemon Seller
Boy and his Lamb
Andreà G. Cassar
Graphic Designer/Artist/Painter
1983 - present

I come from an Italian family that has a long lineage of art creators from the fine arts. My Great Grandfather Salvo - a ceiling medallion sculptor, my Grandfather Carmelo a painter and a sculptor, my mother Concetta a ceramic artist, and to my father a sketch artist. I started very young in experimenting with different mediums because my family was involved in so many branches of the fine arts.

Although I had family members in the art community it was my mother that emphasized art within my everyday life. My mother took me to my first museum and gave me history lessons about the local art in which I was born into. My mother was trying to mold me into an artist because it is an Italian tradition for younger generations to take upon the same craftsmanship of the older generation. 

My life-changing event occurred at the age of 16 when my mother died in a tragic accident. After a few years I decided to come to the USA to start off a fresh new life where I landed a graphic design position without any higher education. I later went back to school and finish my higher eduation in Graphic Design and Fine Art. Whether through graphic design, a sketch, a painting, a sculpture, or a ceramic piece art is the method through which I best communicate and express myself.


We live in such an electronic based era where old fashioned handmade art tends to take a back seat. I like to use the concept of graphic design fused with my hand made art as a way to bring a new form of art. My twist will be to make the old new again. 


“Painting, sculpting, designing, or any other artistic adventure should come from the soul and not forced upon. Only then do these creative expressions become true passions.” 

 “History and art is made through ideas placed in motion. Subsequent generations recognize those ideas, and those that took the risks associated with acting upon their bold ideas and sharing them with humanity. In this sense, risk-takers and creative people, of all types, make history.”