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Danila Ghigliano – Silvia Beccaria

October 7- 27, 2017
Raffaella Giordana and Silvana Nota,
In collaboration with Giulio Mosca

Opening Reception
October 7, from 4 to 7pm
Casa Colombo

380 Monmouth Street – Jersey City

Exhibition included in
The Jersey City Art & Studio Tour (JCAST)
October 13- 15, 2017

Italian Educational & Cultural Center for the Arts will host, in its historical
headquarters of
CASA COLOMBO, a great exhibit from Turin, Italy
“The Artist’s Book - From the Literature to the Visual Language”.
                           The show will run from October 7 to October 27, 2017.

The exhibition is
curated by Raffaella Giordana and Silvana Nota, in
collaboration with Giulio Mosca
, and showcases works by artists
Danila Ghigliano and Silvia Beccaria.
The event is part of the
Jersey City Art & Studio Tour (JCAST), scheduled for
October 13-15, 2017, and is held during the Month of Italian Culture in the nearby
New York City.

The exhibition, coordinated by
Carla Mastropierro, Executive Director of the
Italian Educational & Center for the Arts at CASA COLOMBO, and curated  by
Raffaella Giordana, will be shown in the main gallery of Casa Colombo, an
historical building built in 1936 by the Italian community as a school for their
Through the years Casa Colombo has undertaken many roles, from
Social Services Center to Art Center.
It  has housed for many years the Museum of
Italian Immigration, later changed into the Museum of Arts at Casa Colombo (MACC),  
under the direction of Carla Mastropierro, based on a project by Italian curators Raffaella
Giordana, Giulio Mosca and Silvana Nota.
Presently, Casa Colombo is a center for the development of visual arts: a new journey in
line with the institution’s mission, aimed at  keeping the Italian culture alive interrelating it
with the American culture.

The Artist’s Book- From the Literature to the Visual Language is a new step
forward, in continuity, with a project that began
between Italy and the United States in
and represents a new contribution of research and collaboration between the Italian
and the American artists.
The exhibition’s central theme is the relationship between literature and artistic gesture:
from this starting point the two artists have begun a research process that led, with
different interdisciplinary variations and similarities, to
The Artist’s Book.

The two art professionals create works that with different fascinating outcomes, create
bridges between past and present, explore the widest range of possibilities – in an
expressive journey that is deeply experimental and contemporary, with roots in Europe’s
historical avant-garde movements – and now achieve great strength and unexpected
interpretative potential.

Danila Ghigliano is a visual artist and Fine Arts Academy professor in Cuneo. She
carries out research on writing – ranging from poetry to literature, from cinema to theater
– which she translates into installation-sculptures, book-sculptures, non-written writings,
artists’ books, and travel journals.
Her body of work also includes a rich and growing collection of imaginary postcards,
colored and written like traveling poems that were never sent.
The use of papier-mâché as the specific technique and material on which she overlays
paint and pigments allows her to mold light and three-dimensional sculptures. She
references authors such as Orson Wells, Kafka, Pessoa, Ungaretti, Paul Valery... but also
Greek culture, rock music and much more. It was by listening to this myriad of voices that
she created the
“Breath of the world” series (“Il sospiro del mondo”), which is also the
title of the cycle she is presenting in the exhibition.

Silvia Beccaria has a degree in philosophy, a master’s degree in art therapy and a
specialization in textile crafts as an artistic code. Her work is a means to reach the heart
of an explicitly cultured art. Her use of the loom to create her installations reflects her
conceptual will to capture the multiple expressive opportunities offered by ancient crafts,
as a vector of millenary knowledge and history.
The thematic cycle she presents at Casa Colombo is titled Aracne: la sfida ordita
(“Arachne: A Warped Challenge” – translator’s note: the original name is a play on word
between the Italian “ordito”, meaning warp, and “ardito”, meaning daring); the cycle is
named after a work in which she starts by analyzing the word “testo” (“text”), deriving
from the Latin textus, and explores its metaphor, the tangle of thought that opens new
horizons of evolution and culture. Her installation has a performance quality to it (with an
environment in which people can enter and immerse themselves), and features excerpts
from works by masters of literature, from Dante to Ovid, from Tasso to Foscolo and all the
way to Italo Calvino and Primo Levi.

The exhibition also features  a workshop on Travel Journals, to be held on October
20 and 21, 2017 at  CASA COLOMBO and lead by artist Danila Ghigliano with her
Assistant: Eleonora Visconti

For information in the United States, please contact:

Italian Educational & Cultural Center for the Arts at CASA COLOMBO

For information in Italy, please contact:
Raffaella Giordana
mobile + 39 348 6402955

Giulio Mosca
mobile + 39 348 0509013

Silvana Nota
mobile +39 347 8799198